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This World Heart Day, learn how to take care of your heart by controlling your BP. Why? Globally, heart disease is the leading cause of death and it could be linked directly to your blood pressure.

Why Home BP Measurement is a Good Idea

Ever wondered if BP measured at home is an accurate indicator of your condition? Here is why home BP measurement is a good idea.

How to Check BP at Home

A lot of healthcare is now available at your fingertips and doesn't require you to step out. Want to know how to check BP at home? Find out here.

How to keep heart healthy during festivals

Festivals fill your heart with joy and happiness. But do they fill your heart with health? Find out how to keep the heart healthy during festivals and still have fun!!

Hypertension Diet Plan for Festive Season

As a hypertensive, are you worried about your diet as the festival season approaches? Here’s an easy-to-follow hypertension diet plan for the festive season.

How to Manage Hypertension During Festivals in India

Special occasions and festivals can be challenging for those with chronic conditions such as hypertension. Read on to know how to manage hypertension during festivals in India.

Lemon for Hypertension

That’s right! Along with boosting your immunity, the zingy and versatile lemon fruit can help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Read on to find out how lemons can help control your BP, and how much you need to consume in a day.

Is Rice Good for High Blood Pressure

Rice is often thought to be a rich and indulgent food item and may be avoided by those who have high blood pressure. But is it really necessary to avoid rice? Is rice heart-healthy? Read on to find out.

Indian diet plan for high blood pressure

Your diet plays a vital role in blood pressure control. Does the Indian diet pass the test? What Indian foods can you include in your blood pressure diet? Let’s find out!

Green Tea Good for Hypertension

Green tea has several health benefits, most of us know this by now. However, did you know that drinking green tea is scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure? Find out how!

Is Coffee Good For High Blood Pressure

It is hard to resist the soothing taste of coffee. But are you risking your health while enjoying your favorite brew? Caffeinated drinks such as coffee are linked to high blood pressure. Let’s find out how coffee is associated with blood pressure

Is Egg Good For High Blood Pressure?

Egg is a breakfast staple that is packed with nutrients and forms an essential part of a balanced diet. However, are eggs good for high blood pressure? Read on to know the facts

is Good For High Blood Pressure

Does the salt you use matter for your health? Does it play a role in controlling your blood pressure? Know how salt is linked to high blood pressure and which is the right salt to choose.

Low Blood Pressure Treatment

Low blood pressure may not be as common as hypertension, but it can still cause several health issues. Read on to know low BP can be treated and things you can do at home to relieve low BP.

Yoga Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Did you know that yoga can be a solution for multiple health conditions including high blood pressure? Know the benefits of yoga for high BP. Know these yoga poses that can help lower your blood pressure.

Exercise for high blood pressure

Did you know that exercise is almost as effective as medicines for hypertension? Read on to understand how you can lower your blood pressure with exercise

How to Lower Blood Pressure W

Did you know that you can easily manage your blood pressure with simple lifestyle modifications? Yes! These measures help you lower your blood pressure naturally.

Sex and Blood Pressure

Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure may affect more parts of your life than the ones apparent. Have you ever worried about sex with high blood pressure? Read on to know all about the link between sex and blood pressure.


Making certain dietary changes has proven to be effective in managing high blood pressure. Ever tried the DASH diet? Read on to know how it works for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Hypertension and Stroke

Hypertension and stroke have often been linked to each other. Know how high blood pressure is related to stroke and what are the preventive measures.

Obesity and Hypertension

Obesity is quite pervasive in modern society and can lead to several health problems. Is there a link between obesity and hypertension? Can your weight affect your blood pressure levels? Keep reading for more insights.

Hypertensive Heart Disease

Hypertension can cause lasting damage to several vital organs in your body, your heart being the most important. How does high BP damage your heart? Can it be prevented? Read on to learn more.

Complications of Hypertension

High blood pressure can lead to heart disease when left untreated. However, did you know that it could also involve your eyes and kidneys? Read on to learn about the complications of hypertension, and how you can prevent them.

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Your body needs cholesterol for its normal functioning, but high levels of cholesterol can put you at risk of various health conditions such as high blood pressure. Read on to know how high cholesterol levels can impact your blood pressure.

Why Home BP Measurement is a Good Idea

Ever wondered if BP measured at home is an accurate indicator of your condition? Here is why home BP measurement is a good idea.

How to Check BP at Home

A lot of healthcare is now available at your fingertips and doesn't require you to step out. Want to know how to check BP at home? Find out here.

Acupressure Points for High Blood Pressure

Acupressure is an ancient healing practice that has been found to be useful in managing various health conditions. But can acupressure help manage blood pressure? What are the best acupressure points for high blood pressure? Let’s find out!

Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure

Most of us know that stress can take a severe toll on our physical and mental health. One such ill-effect of stress on your health could be high blood pressure. But how exactly does stress lead to hypertension? Read on for more insights into stress, high blood pressure and the ways to control them.

caffeine and blood pressure

You might be habituated to your morning and evening dose of caffeine, whether it is tea or coffee. However, did you know that caffeine can increase blood pressure levels? Read to find more about this.

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

You know by now that hypertension can cause several complications if left untreated, but do you know how it affects pregnancy? Can high blood pressure affect the growth and development of the unborn child? How can you prevent high BP complications during pregnancy?

Blood Pressure and Kidneys

You probably know that high blood pressure can be bad for your health, but do you know how exactly it affects your organs? Read on to learn more about how high blood pressure can affect your kidneys, how kidney function is related to blood pressure and much more

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