Discover how to control Diabetes

Managing Diabetes During Festivals

When it comes to managing diabetes, diet plays a crucial role. What about those times of small hunger? Read on to know if snacks such as papad form a healthy choice for diabetics.

Sucralose for Diabetes

Artificial sweeteners are gaining immense popularity these days. These low-calorie sugar substitutes may feel like a permanent solution for diabetics. But are they really healthy? Let’s find out.

Stress and Diabetes

Chronic and uncontrolled stress can negatively affect your health in many ways. Are high blood sugar levels one of the consequences of stress? Read on to learn more about the link between stress and diabetes.

Is Diabetes a Genetic Disease

With diabetes being as common as it is, it is almost impossible to not have at least one family member with this condition. Is diabetes a genetic condition? What are your chances of inheriting Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes from your parents? Let’s find out!

Food to Avoid with Kidney Disease and Diabetes

We know that uncontrolled diabetes can negatively affect several major organs like the heart, eyes, and kidneys. But can diabetes have an affect on your brain and cognition? Keep reading to know more about the effects of diabetes on the brain.

Can Diabetics Have Pizza

With diabetes, choosing healthy and nutritious food is key to controlling your blood sugar levels. Are pizzas an ideal addition to your diabetes diet? Read on to know more.

Replacement for Sugar

Looking for a replacement for sugar in your daily diet? Here is a detailed guide listing healthy sugar substitutes and choosing the best ones for you.

Is Basmati Rice Good For Diabetics

Basmati rice is a crowd-pleaser that is famous around the world for its unique flavour. But is it a good option for diabetics? Does it raise your blood sugar levels? Know how basmati rice can be beneficial for diabetics and what portion of it you can include in your daily meal.

Diabetics Drinks List

Tired of thinking about the “health” quotient of what you eat and drink in Diabetes? We bring you a simple and easy-to-follow list of the best drinks for diabetics

Can Diabetics Eat Spaghetti Sauce??

Diabetic but can’t imagine life without spaghetti sauce?. You don’t have to give up on your favourite foods because of diabetes. Read on to know how to enjoy spaghetti sauce without disturbing your diet and lifestyle.

Dry Fruits and Nuts For Diabetics

Coconut oil aids in healthy skin and hair. But is coconut oil good for diabetes? What is the link between coconut oil and diabetes? Does coconut oil reduce blood sugar? Uses of coconut oil for diabetes? Read more!!

Type 2 Diabetes During Travel and Festivities

Both travel and festivals are times when your daily routine gets disrupted. Well, that’s a big part of the fun! But if you are a Type 2 Diabetic, sudden changes in your diet or daily activities are not advisable. Read on for a few tips that will help you manage Type 2 Diabetes during travel and festivals.

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Diabetic retinopathy stages

Retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes, and can happen in a majority of people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Understanding its progression can help you preserve your eyesight.

what is diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition where the blood vessels in your eye are damaged by high blood sugar levels. How does it happen? What are the symptoms? Can it be prevented or treated?

Side Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder that gradually leads to many complications. What side effect is a diabetic likely to experience? How do these side effects affect the lifespan of a diabetic?

Diabetes Skin Problems

Dry itchy skin, blisters due to burns and rashes caused by allergies are common skin conditions. But, could this also mean diabetic skin problems? Let's find out !!

Cholesterol and Diabetes

Diabetes can cause a wide range of health problems if it isn't well managed. But, does diabetes cause heart diseases? Does diabetes increase cholesterol levels? Let’s find out!!

Diabetes and Oral Health

Yes, diabetes affects oral health. But what does diabetes have to do with oral health? How to manage diabetic oral health? Let’s find out !!

diabetes cause hair loss

We all know that diabetes causes several health complications. Can hair loss be one of them? Can diabetes cause hair loss? Let’s find out!

Diabetes And Potassium

Potassium, a mineral and electrolyte, is involved in the functioning of all cells, tissues, and organs of the body. It may also play a role in insulin regulation and diabetes. Find out how.

what is pre diabetes

Prediabetes or borderline diabetes is a silent culprit. You may have it for years without knowing about it. It is important to detect and manage prediabetes to prevent its progress to diabetes. Read on to know all about prediabetes and its reversal.

polydipsia meaning

Extreme thirst or polydipsia is something that should not be ignored. Know all about polydipsia and how it can be managed

Diabetes Impact Wound Healing

Are you aware that uncontrolled diabetes can cause multiple complications? Delayed wound healing is one among the lot. Know how diabetes can impact wound healing.

What causes diabetes

Frequent urination, extreme tiredness, yeast infection and blurry vision can mean that you have diabetes. But what causes diabetes? How is diabetes treated? Let’s know more!!

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