Discover how to control Diabetes

Diabetes and Oral Health

Yes, diabetes affects oral health. But what does diabetes have to do with oral health? How to manage diabetic oral health? Let’s find out !!

Pear Good for Diabetes

Pear fruit is good for digestion, prevents cancer and heart developing heart diseases. But is it safe for a diabetic to eat pear everyday? When should diabetics have pear?

Rajma for Diabetes

Rajma is good for bones, aids in good vision and prevents risk of cancer. But is rajma good for diabetics? How much protein does rajma contain? Nutritional benefits of rajma?

Litchi Good for Diabetes

Litchi is loaded with antioxidants and is a natural immunity booster. But is litchi good for diabetics? How much sugar does litchi contain? Let’s know more !!

How to Gain Weight With Diabetes

Some diabetics face problems of weight loss due to low insulin. What foods are good for diabetic weight gain? How should a diabetic gain weight? Let’s find out !!

Fenugreek for Diabetes

Fenugreek or Methi is known to reduce risks of heart diseases and aids in weight loss. But, is fenugreek good for diabetics? How to use methi for diabetes? Let’s find out !

Neem For Diabetes

Neem is a very well-known medicinal herb that has proved to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels. It is known to be anti-diabetic. Here is everything you need to know about the role of Neem in controlling and maintaining diabetes.

Is Curd Good For Diabetes?

Curd is rich in protein and low in carbs. It is a nutrient rich breakfast choice. But is it a safe choice for diabetics? Read on to find out more about ‘is curd good for diabetes?’.

Garlic For Diabetes

The bulbs of garlic are a rich source of zinc, antioxidants, and minerals but should diabetic patients eat garlic? With a glycemic index score of zero, how effective is garlic in diabetes management? Let us find out here!

Is Radish Good for Diabetes?

Radish is a low calorie vegetable that many people include in their healthy diet. But is it beneficial for diabetes? Let us understand the role of this common tuber vegetable in the life of a diabetic.

Is Fish Good for Diabetes?

Fish is a treasure-house of many nutrients. Fish are rich in proteins and fats, but are they good for diabetics?? Do they increase blood sugar? Read in detail and get all your answers on fish for diabetes.

Is Guava Good for Diabetes?

Guava fruit has been recommended as beneficial for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. If you have diabetes, read on to know why diabetes patients should include Guava in their diet.

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