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Is Basmati Rice Good For Diabetics

Basmati rice is a crowd-pleaser that is famous around the world for its unique flavour. But is it a good option for diabetics? Does it raise your blood sugar levels? Know how basmati rice can be beneficial for diabetics and what portion of it you can include in your daily meal.

Diabetics Drinks List

Tired of thinking about the “health” quotient of what you eat and drink in Diabetes? We bring you a simple and easy-to-follow list of the best drinks for diabetics

Can Diabetics Eat Spaghetti Sauce??

Diabetic but can’t imagine life without spaghetti sauce?. You don’t have to give up on your favourite foods because of diabetes. Read on to know how to enjoy spaghetti sauce without disturbing your diet and lifestyle.

how to stop frequent urination in diabetes

Excessive urination or polyuria can be a symptom of diabetes and should not be ignored. Know all about the condition and how to manage it!

Diabetes in India

Diabetes is a silent killer that is encroaching on the Indian population at large. Out of the 1.4 billion Indian population, 77 million people have diabetes. How did India arrive at this number and what can be done? Find out here.

Exercise For Diabetes

No matter your health condition, exercise can usually help make it better. However, which exercises are good for diabetes? How long should a diabetic work out daily? Know all this and more!

Low sugar fruits

8 Best Low Sugar Fruits

Eating low sugar fruits is a great way to get your fill of nutrients while regulating your blood sugar levels. Read to find out which fruits are beneficial for diabetics and how to incorporate them into your diet.

Paneer flower for diabetes

Studies suggest that paneer flower or paneer ka phool can be used to treat diabetes. If used daily, even in tiny doses, it has the potential to effectively regulate excessive blood sugar levels.

insulin plant for diabetes

Can the insulin plant actually treat diabetes? How do you eat insulin leaves? How many leaves do you need to eat to lower blood sugar levels? Get all your answers here!

Flour is Good for Diabetics

Looking for ways to manage your blood sugar while not compromising on food? Well, using the right flour would be a great way to start. Know the best flour for diabetes.

Mango leaves for diabetes

Do mango leaves work for diabetes? Let’s find out if mango leaves can help control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetic complications.

Which Juice is Good For Diabetes

Drinking a fresh glass of juice has multiple health benefits. But is it the right thing to do for diabetics? Let’s find out if juicing is healthy and safe for diabetics.

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How to control diabetes

Wondering how to control diabetes in the comfort of your home? Read this article to get all the tips on managing diabetes!

Difference between Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus.

Definition, diagnosis, treatments and precautions for those with Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes Insipidus, and why and how the two conditions are very different.

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

Find out what is a dangerous level of blood sugar, why high and low glucose readings are both bad, how to prevent a dip and spike, why sugar readings should be between 160 and 240 mg/dL. Get all these questions answered in this article.

What is Insulin?

Understand the role of insulin in diabetes management and why insulin therapy is recommended. Also, explore natural ways to raise and lower insulin levels.

Insulin Do's and Don'ts

Insulin controls blood sugar level for a diabetic. For some, the body does not produce insulin or the body does not know how to use it well. Why is insulin needed for diabetics? When to take insulin?

How to Gain Weight With Diabetes

Some diabetics face problems of weight loss due to low insulin. What foods are good for diabetic weight gain? How should a diabetic gain weight? Let’s find out !!

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