Is Poha Good for Diabetes Patients ?? [Learn Everything in 5 Mins]

Dr. Pakhi Sharma (MBBS)
Dr. Pakhi Sharma (MBBS)

General Physician | 6+ years

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Have you seen your diabetic aunt or uncle eat poha? Do you feel stressed about people with high sugars eating poha? Is poha good for diabetics? Well, let’s dive right in and solve all your queries about this common breakfast dish, specifically for diabetes management.

Keep reading to know more about the wonders of poha for diabetes.

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Poha Nutritional Profile

Poha or flaked rice is a type of flattened rice that is a famous Indian breakfast. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins that provide about 200 calories per serving. Being a rich source of iron, poha is advised to be eaten by women with gestational anemia. To increase the iron absorption, top your poha with a dash of lime for the extra vitamin C. With a low glycemic load and glycemic index, Poha is one of your best choices for breakfast if you have high blood sugars. The best part is that poha is gluten-free and packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

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Advantages of Poha for Diabetics

Poha is rich in fiber that promotes digestion and causes a slow and steady release of sugars into your blood. This reduces the possibility of any sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Ways to Consume Poha for Diabetes

Poha is usually eaten as a hot and yummy delicacy for breakfast. If you are tired of the routine breakfast, here are a few easy dishes that you could think of:

1. Poha Dhokla

Add ½ cup crushed poha, ½ cup semolina, 1 cup curd, 1 cup water, and 1 tsp green chili paste in a bowl. Salt and spice as per your taste. Mix them into a nice batter and cook like your usual dhokla.

2. Poha Dosa

Switch your usual rice with a cup of poha and prepare your dosa batter. This yummy dosa will make you crave for it and leave you wanting for more.

3. Tamarind Poha

Like your regular poha recipe, but instead, add a twist by mixing tamarind water and sambar powder. This tangy tamarind poha will leave a nice tingling sensation on your palette.

Best Time to Consume Poha

Poha is light on your tummy and easy to digest. You can devour this delicacy as a snack, or as a part of your meal anytime during the day. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The choice is yours!

Risks of Overconsumption of Poha

There is no known research to prove that poha is harmful to you. But anything in excess is not good for health. Restrict your portion size and control your daily intake of poha. You could make it a part of your weekly menu instead of your daily one.

Other Health Benefits of Poha

While poha is one of the best choices of breakfast for diabetics, there are other reasons to eat it too.

  • Good probiotic that helps maintain gut flora
  • Good source of healthy carbs
  • Rich in fiber and is light on your stomach
  • Easy to digest and does not cause bloating
  • Low in calories and keeps you feeling full longer

Don’t Have Time To Read?

  • Poha is rich in iron, healthy carbohydrates, and proteins with other essential antioxidants and vitamins.
  • If you are a diabetic patient, eat poha as a part of your weekly menu plan.
  • Squeeze a lemon on top of your poha to get all the iron content.
  • Use the Phable Care App to consult India’s leading diabetologists, order medicines, book lab tests, integrate Accu-Chek instant and other devices to get real-time remote care from the comfort of your home. Let’s treat diabetes together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Poha is rich in fiber and helps regulate your blood sugar levels without causing any sudden spikes.

Yes. Poha is less processed than rice and has more nutrients like iron, carbs, and proteins. It is light on your stomach and does not spike your blood sugar levels.

Yes. Poha is a wholesome one-pot meal that is packed with healthy carbs, proteins, iron, fiber, essential antioxidants, vitamins, and gluten-free. This balance of all nutrients makes it healthy for you.

No. Due to its fiber content, poha helps regulate your blood sugar levels.

Yes. Eating rice poha as a diabetic patient can help control your blood sugar levels and reduce the sudden spikes of sugar levels in your body.

Dr. Pakhi Sharma
Dr. Pakhi Sharma, MBBS
(General physician, 6+ years)
An expert in obstetrics and medical emergencies, Dr. Pakhi Sharma, an alumni of Sri Devaraj Urs University of Higher Education and Research Centre, is a general physician working at Phablecare. She has 6+ years of work experience spread across gynaecology and obstetrics, family medicine, and medical emergencies at renowned hospitals and clinics.

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  1. I am 70 Years old man and suffering from insulin dependent diabetic patient. Is it good if I eat poha instead of rice, wheat and potato?

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