Attracting and Retaining Talent within a Growing Organization


The rise in digital healthcare is a change in the right direction. It is bound to grow with time and at an increasing pace since it offers the promise of affordable and accessible healthcare for all. This has led to the emergence of a number of digital healthcare startups, and one such startup which is leading the change is Phablecare. It simplifies the task of taking care of yourself by providing a platform that offers a host of services to manage lifestyle diseases, particularly diabetes, with the help of intelligent insights.

As we know, the reason behind the success of any organization is the people running it. Phablecare boasts of 10k+ expert doctors and many other health professionals behind its spectacular growth. Thus, in order to keep growing, an organization should focus on attracting and retaining talent as they form the backbone of an organization.

In the competitive job market, where people are always on the lookout for better opportunities, attracting and retaining skillful people is a challenge for organizations. Every organization can start by assigning recruitment responsibility to people having an eye for talent. Recognizing talent early on is crucial since without the right person at the right place, an organization may fail to deliver. Also, making an employee perform the work they are best suited for will bring out a better and more productive version of himself. This way they will learn more and enjoy their work.

Some of the things an organization should keep in mind in order to attract and retain the top talent are as follows:

Create a space that aligns with the values of the talent

Values and principles are often underestimated, but in reality, they do have a very strong impact on the choice of people about their workplace. The best kind of partnership emerges when the mission and values of a company are in line with the employee’s values. Only then is an employee able to give their best performance and work without any moral conflicts. When employees truly recognize the goals of the company, they feel inspired and work with total commitment and passion. They find like-minded people, and the workplace becomes a place of daily learning and fun. This way, they become a part of something big, and the company’s success feels like their own to them. Nobody wants to leave such a workplace.

Rewarding and recognizing achievements

A work culture where the workers’ efforts are recognized can be a game-changer for retaining talent. Everybody wants to feel valued. The employees want to feel that they are an important asset for the company, and they make a difference. This feeling empowers them and gives a sense of purpose and meaning to their work. This makes them eager to come to work every day and stay with you. Thus, employee recognition and appreciation through performance bonuses or even simple praise can go a long way in strengthening relationships with your employees.

Some things matter more to the workforce than money

Organizations often make this common mistake of assuming money as the most important deciding factor for the workforce. It might be true for some, but there are many others who value some other meaningful benefits over money. Employees’ motivations can vary a great deal.

A survey conducted by Glassdoor revealed that the most significant factor for worker satisfaction is not the pay, but the work culture and values of an organization. In fact, among the six factors examined in the survey, money was rated the least important.

The other determining factor is the quality of senior leadership. As is rightly said, people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. Another crucial factor is the career opportunities available at the company. People are becoming increasingly far-sighted and ambitious and want to work in an organization that allows them to grow. Work-life balance and other non-monetary perks are also prominent factors that employees consider.     

These were some of the ways an organization can make itself attractive to employees. Everybody wants to be a part of a growing enterprise. Build a place where people can enjoy working and feel a sense of belongingness. An organization can grow by attracting and retaining talent, and the first step towards it is by caring for its employees. 

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