Looking for Potential While Hiring Freshers: HR Perspective (Interns)


Talent procurement is the top issue for HR specialists in every industry. HR is the functional unit that is primarily responsible for the effective management of an internship program, and should ensure a balance between the interests of the employer and those of an intern.

Employee turnover and recruiting new workers can be both time-consuming and expensive for most organizations. Not only should organizations try to retain their employees, but they should also recruit carefully. Here are the things you must consider while hiring freshers and interns:

A. Look beyond a resume:

While an applicant’s resume and introductory letter give you an understanding of what they can bring to the table, it’s essential to expand your recruiting endeavors past these materials to choose the representative who’s the best fit for your business. A few key characteristics that you should count on could be:

  1. Adaptability – Not just work hours, but also how versatile they can be.
  2. Responsibility/Responsibility – Do you see a past filled with complex tasks that they’ve taken care of previously? Have they shown any improvement in the company statistics? Get them to discuss the company’s issues and know how they took care of the situation.
  3. Entrepreneurial/Innovative Spirit – Whether they demonstrate their capabilities and are prepared to consider better approaches to completing their tasks is to be examined.  Did they accomplish any promotional goals through innovation?
  4. Constancy/Determination – Do their resumes feature projects where they’ve reliably worked for significant periods?

B. Understand the candidates’ potential:

Maybe they don’t have the administration experience you’re searching for or the Master’s certifications you thought they’d have. These things ought to be noted, but it’s also vital to examine their capacity. Would they bring excitement and energy to the workplace? Do they have new ideas that could upgrade your business? Can they possibly develop into pioneers? These variables are significant and should be given high weightage during the selection process of interns.

C. Hire for the future and not just for the menial tasks:

Temporary positions are an important first encounter for youngsters joining the universe of work. You have the chance to foster your interns, preparing them to lead the future that will benefit both your association and the economy in general.

Freshers bring new energy to your team, have unique and refreshing viewpoints and perspectives, and frequently have innovative plans to share. They are much more intrigued and enthusiastic about executing their ideas.

D. Create a roadmap for interns to work with your company:

They can transform into significant resources for your organization, if you harness their potential well. They could help you in filling managerial posts and positions of authority in your organization, later on. What’s more critical is that somebody who has been a significant part of the organization for a long time would also motivate other colleagues. Yet, where to begin? Here are a few points to remember:

  • Be sure that you’re giving your intern significant work. By and large, think about your intern’s role in the long term.
  • Regard and value your intern’s points of view and new thoughts. His/her perspective matters.
  • Incorporate them and give them context.
  • Recommend individuals that they should get to know and make presentations for.
  • Interns need to become familiar with your business, and they will benefit from acquiring extra abilities. Additionally, consider their areas of interest while assigning them to a team.


At the end of the day, you’re putting resources into the future. You’re taking an interest in youthful ability, and you’re trying to reap the benefits of a full-time worker by nourishing a developing plant. Furthermore, you’re adding to the pool of individuals who will have positive comments about you and your organization. You’ll stand out in view of the extraordinary experience you provide.

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