Making Healthcare Available on the Go – Role of Telemedicine


A recent national survey found that around 11.2% of the Indian urban population has Diabetes. Still, one in every two of them is unaware of the illness, which is shocking. For Indians, health was never the priority, “Health is Wealth” was only a quote used by students in their exam papers. Because of this mindset and social unawareness, Indians visit the doctor’s clinic only when they are suffering or at a severe stage. 

Earlier, there was no concept of routine health check-ups, but after the pandemic, things changed. COVID-19 was like an eye-opener for people to understand the value of health. In this pandemic, people have learned how valuable health is. The telemedicine industry plays a huge role by making people aware and supplying healthcare services. But how is telemedicine making healthcare available on the go? What are the benefits of telemedicine?

The Role of Telemedcine 

Telemedicine is a synchronised form of tech and healthcare. The concept of telemedicine was formed to provide quality healthcare services anywhere in the world. Here are some points that will help you understand telemedicine’s role. 

Consult from Home 

Do you know in India, 122 people in every 100,000 people die because of wrong and poor treatment? The percentage is more prominent than in our neighbouring countries. Telemedicine has managed to cure this problem very efficiently. With Telemedicine services, you can consult with the best doctors and specialists of the country from the comfort of your home. Telemedicine is a blessing for senior citizens and people who don’t want to go outside during this pandemic. 

You no longer have to go out to consult with doctors. You can secure yourself from the deadly Coronavirus and save time and money by not going out. 

Fast and low-cost consultation 

In India, the cost of in-clinic health consultations is very high. If you want urgent consultation with the best doctors, it could prove expensive. However, you can quickly book a consultation or order medicine at a comparatively low price through Telemedicine platforms. With fast and low-cost healthcare services, Telemedicine platforms are helping millions of people daily. 

Emergency availability of healthcare services is one of the most critical roles of Telemedicine platforms. Just imagine a 65-year-old man living with his 63-year-old wife who needs urgent medicine at 2 AM – what would he do? With telemedicine, he can easily order any medicine and get the medicine delivered within a short time. Moreover, almost every Telemedicine platform provides 24*7 doctor support and anytime medicine support, which is very helpful. As a result, telemedicine has made lives much easier.    

How is Phable Making India Healthier?  

Phable is continuously providing world-class healthcare services and ensuring the people of India better health. With Phable, you have India’s best healthcare and medicine services at your fingertips, and the best part is that you don’t have to step out anymore. This is how Phable is helping millions of Indians daily:

Best Doctors of India 

We value your health, and that’s why we have the top doctors from various specialities on our app. On the Phable app, you’ll get 24*7 health support from over 10,000+ doctors, who are just a click away. 

With the Phable app, you have India’s leading Diabetologists for you. No matter what your disease is, we have specialist doctors for you. So join the Phable app, and book your consultation with India’s leading doctors.  

Instant Booking of Lab Tests and Check-Ups

You can book lab tests and check-ups instantly and save lots of time with us. Millions of Indians use Phable to book lab tests and check-ups to ensure a healthier life. So book your lab test instantly with us, and get one step towards your healthier life. 

Order medicine and get Home Delivery 

With the help of Phable, you can order any medicine and get the medicine home delivered within some time. We know how valuable your time is, and that’s why we have taken this initiative. So book medicines with us and enjoy home delivery. 

Healthcare Devices 

Not only medicines and lab tests, but we also provide people with smart healthcare devices, which help track their health. We have many healthcare devices for diabetes, cardiac care, health tracker, etc. So get your healthcare device now, and track every aspect of your health. 


Telemedicine is doing a great job to make people aware and provide healthcare services everywhere. It’s like a blessing for many people. So start your healthcare journey as soon as possible, don’t forget “Health is Wealth”.  

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