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Health Benefits of Celery

Celery smoothens bowel movements, prevents constipation, diarrhoea and prevents growth of harmful bacteria. But what are the health benefits of celery for diabetics? Can diabetics eat celery? Is it safe?

Is Onion Good for Diabetes?

Onion promotes bone health and prevents heart diseases. But can onions reduce blood levels? Can A diabetic eat onions? Let's find out !!

passion fruit benefits for diabetes

Passion fruit prevents risks of heart diseases, strengthens bones and boosts immunity. But can diabetics eat passion fruit? Does passion fruit control blood sugar?

Flaxseeds for Diabetes

Flax seeds are used to relieve arthritis pain, curing constipation and reducing risks of developing cancer. But can flax seeds control blood sugar levels? What are the benefits of flax seeds for diabetes?

Lettuce Benefits For Diabetes

Lettuce is leafy green that strengthens bones, Improves vision, and promotes good sleep. But can diabetics eat lettuce everyday? What kind of lettuce is good for diabetes?

Pork Meat Benefits for Diabetes

Pork is a high-protein rich meat that needs to be consumed in limited quantities. But is pork good for diabetes? Can a diabetic eat pork? Let’s find out!!

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16 Stories


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16 Stories

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