Coconut Water for Diabetes? Can Diabetics Drink Coconut Water Daily? How Much?

Coconut water has a rich source of protein, fiber and antioxidants. But, is coconut water good for diabetes? Coconut Water Sugar Content? Let’s know more!

Most people will agree that a fresh glass of coconut water is their favorite bet to beat the summer heat. That is because there are no preservatives or added sugar in coconut water. However, many people wonder- if coconut water is good for diabetes or does coconut water have sugar in it?. This article will give you an insight into some of these questions. 


Coconut Water : Nutritional Profile

Whether coconut water for diabetes is good or bad depends on its glycemic index (GI) score. GI The glycemic index score of coconut water is 54, and the glycemic load (GL) is 3 which makes it one of the best dry drupes for controlling diabetes. 

The average unsweetened and unflavored coconut water for 1 cup or 240 gram according to the USDA, has:

Calories – 45
Fat – 0.5 gram  
Sugar – 6 gram
Carbohydrates – 9 gram 
Vitamin C – 5.8 milligram 
Potassium – 600 milligram 
Sodium – 252 milligram 
Magnesium – 60 milligram
Phosphorus – 45 milligram
Iron – 0.7 milligram
Protein- 1.7 gram 
Fiber – 2.6 gram 

Along with the above-given nutritional values, it also has essential amino acids. It makes coconut water for sugar patients a viable option.

4 Major Benefits of Coconut Water for Diabetes

1. Source of Protein and Fiber

Coconut water is a rich source of protein and fiber, which are essential nutrients for people with diabetes. These nutrients need more time for digestion, and hence, the sugar level rises slowly in the body. 

2. Rich In Antioxidants

The metabolic activities in our body create free radicals, which might cause diabetes, cancer, and eye and heart disease. Coconut water for a diabetic patient is excellent because it is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals.

3. Better Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can cause joint pains, muscular cramps, and eyesight and kidney issues. Coconut water improves the blood circulation in the body so that you can stay away from problems occurring from poor blood circulation.

4. Source of Energy

Loss of energy is a prevalent issue for sugar patients. Coconut water has natural electrolytes that maintain the pH balance and the body’s metabolic functions. Potassium and sodium keep your kidneys in check, which is essential for diabetics. 

Ways to Consume Coconut Water

  • Coconut water can be consumed by squeezing some lemonade, thus adding a citrus burst to it.
  • Coconut water along with chia seeds makes it a refreshing drink for diabetics.
  • Tender coconut water can be consumed plain in an empty stomach for diabetics.

Best Time to Drink Coconut Water

The best time to drink it is in the morning. The lauric acid in coconut water helps boost your immunity, energize your metabolism and aids in weight loss. Diabetic patients should stick to one glass of coconut water daily as suggested by the doctor.

Risks of Over Consumption of Coconut Water

Coconut water is fresh, sterile and a significant electrolyte, making it one of the most preferred drinks to deal with dehydration. However, excessive consumption of coconut water does have certain risks and disadvantages.

  • It is rich in potassium, which is a natural diuretic helping kidneys flush out water. Too much of it can make your kidney work harder in eliminating excess water. 
  • Coconut water is not full of sugar but has its natural sugar, and consuming too much may increase the glucose level rapidly.  
  • Coconut water is said to lower blood pressure. So, pregnant women and people with low blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption.  

So, if you have any doubts, such as- is tender coconut good for diabetes, does coconut water contain sugar, or is unsweetened coconut milk good for diabetics? consult your doctor before consuming it.

Other Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water and Coconut for sugar patients and other people have many advantages when consumed in moderation. Here are some of them:

  • Lessens the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lets you feel fuller for a longer time, thus helping in weight loss.
  • Improves digestion and helps to absorb nutrients better. 
  • Fights constipation, heartburn, viral infections, and oxidative stress.
  • Improves kidney function by aiding in urine production.
  • Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Keeps you hydrated and balances electrolyte in the body.

Difference Between Natural Vs. Sweetened Vs. Packaged Coconut Water

The debate over coconut for diabetes and whether diabetics can eat coconut or not has a long history. However, when it comes to coconut water, all you need to make sure is to have natural coconut water and avoid any flavored, sweetened, or packaged coconut water as much as possible. 

The natural coconut water sugar content is sufficient to make it taste delicious, and any added sugar may spike the glucose level in the body. Packaged coconut water sometimes contains around four teaspoons of sugar, which is an unnecessary addition to coconut water sugar content. However, you can make your drink exotic by adding natural ingredients like lemon, mint, chia seeds, or basil leaves.

Don’t Have Time To Read?

  • Take coconut water in moderation. 
  • Drink it on an empty stomach (preferably morning).
  • Always try to take only natural and fresh coconut water.
  • Consult your doctor for dosage and precautions. 
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Friendly Asked Questions

Is Coconut Water Good for Diabetes?

Studies suggest that coconut water may improve blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It is also hydrating and helps to push toxins away from the body.

Is Coconut Water Good for Gestational Diabetes?

Coconut water is low in carbs and helps to control blood sugar levels. Pregnant women with gestational diabetes can have coconut water as advised by their gynecologist.

Is Coconut Water Good for Type 2 Diabetes?

The magnesium in coconut water helps to improve insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes patients.

Can Type 1 Diabetics Drink Coconut Water?

Yes, regular moderate consumption of coconut water will help manage blood sugar levels in sugar patients.

Does Coconut Water Increase Blood Sugar in Diabetics?

NO, coconut water does not increase blood sugar levels. It has a GI score of 54, which means it helps to lower the blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.