Can You Eat Momos If You Have Diabetes?? Are Momos Healthy For Diabetes??

Momos are tiny dumplings stuffed with tiny chopped onions and veggies that improves heart health and aids in healthy weight loss. But can diabetics eat momos? How many calories are there in momos?

Momos are also known as dim sums or dumplings and are a dish that is most famous in Tibet, China, and Nepal. Its main ingredient is a dough made with white flour and water with a filling of nutritious meat or vegetables. 

It is mostly eaten steamed and sometimes fried, depending on people’s preference, with spicy chutneys and mayonnaise. But are momos good for diabetes? What are the benefits of eating momos daily? What type of momos are healthy? Let’s delve into the article to find out more on momos for diabetes.


Momos: Nutritional Profile

A single piece of vegetable momo contains the following nutrients:

Calories: 35
Carbs: 43.1 g
Fiber: 0.3 g
Protein: 0.6 g
Fat: 1.8 g
Potassium: 17.5 g
Iron: 0.2 mg
Calcium: 7.7 mg
Vitamin C: 5.2 mg

Ways To Consume Momos For Diabetes

A great way to make momos healthier for diabetics is using healthier ingredients. Whole wheat flour, nourishing high-fiber vegetables and greens, and steaming momos can ldo a lot good to your overall health. 

Best Time To Consume Momos For Diabetes

The best time to snack on momos is during the evenings. Make it a point not to binge eat momos as they are tasty. Also, keep a count on how many calories you intake and how much you burn daily. 

Risks of Over Consuming Momos For Diabetes

Overconsumption of momos simply means consuming more calories, carbs, and fat which can lead to a rise in the glycemic index and disturb the blood glucose levels in the body. Steamed momos contain mono-sodium glutamate that increases risks of obesity, nausea, chest pain and nervous disorder. 

Other Health Benefits of Momos For Diabetes

  • They have Vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity in your body.
  • The presence of fiber helps with digestion and prevents indigestion and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Whole wheat momos help with weight management, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and other health issues. 
  • The richness of Vitamin A supports a healthy immune system, bone health, and promotes hair growth and reproduction.

Don’t Have Time To Read?

  • Momos are made from refined wheat flour and a filling of nutritious meat or vegetables that are steamed or fried. 
  • The glycemic index of refined wheat flour is high. It has lots of starch and sugar, and has fewer vitamins, fibers, and minerals. 
  • Momos can be made healthier by using whole wheat flour instead of refined all-purpose whole wheat flour (maida), and by using nourishing vegetables for the filling, and by cooking steamed momos in less or no oil. 
  • A diabetic person can consume not more than 1500-1800 calories in a day. Hence, the best time to snack on momos is during evenings. 
  • Momos made with whole wheat flour and nutritious vegetables help in boosting your immune system, support good digestion, weight management, diabetes, and other health issues, and promote hair growth and reproduction.
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Friendly Asked Questions

Are Momos Good For Diabetes?

Whole wheat flour steamed momos topped with nutritious vegetables and greens are good for diabetics. 

Are Maida Momos Healthy?

A plate of 6 to 8 pieces of vegetable maida momos has approximately 210 to 280 calories which are not considered healthy.

Do Momos Contain Ajinomoto?

Ajinomoto or mono-sodium glutamate, which is used to enhance the taste of several dishes, may or may not be present in momos. Some food vendors add it to their dishes while some do not. Ajinomoto causes fatigue, sweating, burning in the stomach, dehydration and muscle pain.  

Are Steamed Momos Healthy for Diabetes?

A plate of 6 to 8 pieces of vegetable maida momos has approximately 210-280 calories which are not considered healthy for a diabetic patient. Intake of more calories in momos, carbs, and fat disturb the blood glucose levels in a diabetic patient’s body.