4 Reasons Why The Number of Type-2 Diabetes Cases In India Are So High


Diabetes has become a quiet presence in all our lives. With one out of six Indians living with some form of it, India is now the country with the second-highest number of cases in the world. Owing to its incessant presence, we all know the symptoms and risk factors for diabetes, just in case. 

But how much do you know about the prevalence of it in India?

And why do you think the number of cases is so high, that it is projected to hit more than 134 million cases by 2025? 

Keep reading to know about the 4 factors that contribute to this prevalence of diabetes in India. 

Genetic Factors Contributing to High Number of Diabetes In India

Recent studies have managed to reveal previously unknown genetic factors that make Indians especially susceptible to diabetes. In fact, according to an article published in the Diabetes Med. (Nov 2005), certain genes (like Pro 12 Ala polymorphism of PPAR gamma gene) that protect Caucasians do not appear to protect Indians from developing diabetes. 

Since genes can also interact with environmental factors, this has also increased the number of diabetes cases in India. Indian bodies are also observed to have higher insulin resistance, causing further risk. 

Diabetes High India Stress

Environmental Factors That Can Worsen The Risk For Diabetes

Global warming and the changing environment has done much more damage than we can ever imagine. Polluted air, soil, water, increases stress are all environmental factors that can increase your risk for developing diabetes. 

Out of all the environmental factors, stress is one that has been continuing to wreak havoc on human health. Being in a state of stress for long periods can disrupt the normal functioning of your body, including your hormone system. This in turn can affect the insulin, which is also a hormone.

Unhealthy Habits To Watch Out For

While it is hard to admit to ourselves and to others, we’ve all formed a pretty unhealthy habit of consuming junk and processed food. As a result of this seismic shift in the Indian dietary system, a large chunk of people have developed type 2 diabetes. In India, obesity is now arising from the high calories/high-fat diet and the prevalence of increased visceral fat due to sit down jobs. 

There are also studies that show that diabetes in India, is worse in urban areas. This prevalence is surprisingly seen among those of lower socioeconomic status since there is an increase in fast food diets, which are cheaper. 

While the fast-food culture seems to have seeped even into rural areas, quality healthcare and necessary awareness have not. This lack of awareness and facilities also enable a lot of diabetes cases in the nation to go undiagnosed. 

Lack of Public Awareness About Diabetes Is Something That We All Can Change

Did you know that 50% of the diabetes cases in India are undiagnosed? 

While a sedentary lifestyle and the prevalence of junk food can worsen diabetes risks, there are many practices that can help as well. Regular blood checks, better awareness regarding the condition and its risk factors, all can help. 

Although detailed information may not be available from your doctor, you can still talk to them to learn more about your condition. You can also make use of online resources to learn more about your symptoms and what you can do to address them. 

Taking active charge of your well being is the only way that diabetes can be controlled. You can also use your resources and personal experiences to help others. Highlighting the importance of diabetes education, and regular checkup among your friends is an easy enough first step, that can make a huge difference. 

Summing up…

According to the projected rates by International Diabetes Foundation, Diabetes Atlas say that diabetes is a growing public health concern. The numbers are expected to cross over 134 million Indians, in the next 25 years. 

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