How Digital Health Can Transform Chronic Disease Management


In an era of sedentary lifestyles, chronic ailments, and aging populations, the models of healthcare across the world have begun to undergo a significant change. Traditional systems of delivering curative care losing relevance and a variety of innovative and targeted healthcare interventions have emerged to increase access, reduce costs, improve quality, and enhance efficiency. 

One such mechanism that facilitates effective disease management and better health outcomes is digital healthcare. 

Driven by information and communication technology, digital health solutions are essentially the key that can tackle the contemporary healthcare crisis with ease. These platforms use AI-backed tools and services to create personal data, monitor health parameters, provide continuous care, and offer patient-centric medicines on a consistent and regular basis.

According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the digital health market is expected to grow to $536.6 billion by 2025.

But how exactly can digital health bring about a sustainable transformation in chronic disease management?

Integration with IoT Devices

Digital health solutions allow seamless integration with various IoT devices. From fitness trackers to glucometers, heart rate monitors, implantable wristbands or pulse-tracing watches, digital health can link wearable equipment with a single platform. 

Doing so doesn’t just help patients keep a constant tab on their physical, biological, and behavioral parameters but it also enables doctors to analyze energy levels, dietary patterns, biometric indicators, and cognitive performances, as a matter of routine. Consequently, the symptoms of different chronic ailments can be better evaluated and easily managed.

Digital Helath

Extraction of Holistic Insights

Digital health is a time-saving and cost-efficient way of extracting holistic and personalized fitness insights. By connecting to IoT devices, digital health platforms can derive valuable disease information and use it to determine patient response, thus strengthening the overall treatment process. 

Such detailed insights can further help assess the needs, requirements, and concerns of all patients on a real-time basis. They can also boost the process of preventive & predictive analysis, thereby revealing patterns, detecting trends, capturing early symptoms, and making a quick diagnosis. In the longer run, this keeps all types of chronic ailments in check.

Shareable Data Points

Digital health platforms produce a wide range of shareable data points that have the potential to act as a direct source of communication between doctors and patients. You can use these data points to provide: 

  • Personalized guidance and compliance coaching
  • Precision medicines for specific chronic diseases
  • Patient-centric diagnostic tests and therapies
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion and total risk reduction
  • Proactive, timely, accessible, and secure healthcare

This can empower people and help them move away from focusing on short-term, episodic treatments. Instead, they can shift towards a long-term disease management paradigm which is hinged upon extracting precise information, conducting self-assessments, and facilitating active doctor-patient engagements.

Better Health Care Delivery

Digital health ensures better delivery of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health services to people grappling with chronic diseases, irrespective of their geographical location. With its innovative management models, digital health breeds smart information systems that can deliver instant messages, even in the remotest of domains.

This simply means that patients don’t have to constantly worry about sifting through their medical records, managing their medication schedules, or initiating emergency communication with their doctors. Rather, all of these aspects can be immediately taken care of via dynamic technological tools. As a result, a broad range of medical issues become easy to handle, and the overall quality of life is improved.

Chronic diseases

The Way Forward

As times change, digital health will continue to harness the power of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing for transforming the entire disease management landscape. Like previously, chronic ailments will not be just be viewed in watertight compartments anymore. They will be linked with disease prevention, continuous monitoring, personalized attention, reduced costs, and tailored medicines.

If appropriate management of chronic diseases is your goal, give digital health a chance to enhance your fitness levels now!

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