Festive Diet and Lifestyle: How To Plan For Chronic Disease Management


With Diwali around the corner and Christmas not too far behind, it’s time to start planning your lifestyle for the festive season.  When living with any chronic ailments, planning well is the most important step in ensuring the best disease management. This will help you find lifestyle strategies that will keep you healthy, without hindering your festive spirit. 

Keep reading to know about all the tips we’ve curated for you, in light of the festive season. 

Plan For Challenges 

There is a reason why people say, “failing to plan, is planning to fail.” 

Having celebrated many festivals during your lifestyle, there is no better judge of your weaknesses than you. If you think the Motichoor Ladoo is going to be your downfall, make sure to watch your portions, and to keep the rest of your meals wholesome and filling. If you think you might go overboard on the drinks during Christmas dinner, ask a loved one to check in with you. 

Having these simple contingency plans in place can help you handle the festive season more effectively. 

Stick To A Diet Routine

We all love the change in pace that comes with the festive season. Getting up extra early to participate in ceremonies, or having some quality family time are all great until it starts to disrupt your usual routines. It is important that you stick to the routines that keep you healthy and fit, even during the festive time. Take all your festive commitments into account and plan your days in advance, so that you can continue to prioritise your health. This includes planning out your meal timing, setting medicine reminders and even finding the same time every day to exercise. 

Woman exercising and eating healthy to battle hypertension

Be Physically Active

Talking about exercise, physical activity is always the easiest thing you can do to keep your body running smoothly. Whether you choose to go for a brisk walk or have even committed to something more rigorous, consistency is key.

There are always going to occasions and festivals in your life, but exercise should become as essential in your daily life as eating meals. Until exercise becomes a habit for you, continue to plan and prioritise it, like you would with a professional appointment. And remember, even if you eat a little extra during the festivities, working out can help you burn them off. 

Educate Yourself

Use the power of the internet to equip yourself with all the information you’d want to know about lifestyle tips to survive this time. 

Get yourself a notebook and jot them down if needed. Figure out which dishes might prompt a binge, or even be troubling for your mental and physical health. And to also understand which are some healthier alternatives to expect, or which you can make yourself. 

No Time For A Guilt Trip

When preparing for the challenge of festivities, remember to plan your failures as well. Find acceptance with the fact that you’re going to have an extra piece of sweet, or you might sleep in a little too much and miss your workout. But allowing yourself this leeway once in a while can be more beneficial than detrimental – giving yourself the freedom to do so, makes you more patient during the other times. 

Seek The Support You Need

Other people who face the same health concerns as you do, or a generally empathetic loved on can provide you with the support that you need. Watching your health during festival time might be tiring, but it definitely is better than putting yourself through easily preventable complications. 

Monitor Your Body Vitals

No matter what ailments you suffer from, tracking your blood vitals can be a great way to track your health. Consistent tracking, when coupled with a proactive approach towards your lifestyle, can help you keep your health in check and can positively impact your health, even during festive times.

You should also consider syncing your device to automate your digital health presence. When your trusted healthcare device is synced to an app, you can monitor your disease management timeline, and even keep your doctor informed about your efforts. 

Don’t Skimp On Your Sleep

While we do understand the appeal of getting extra zzzs during the holidays, don’t let it become a habit. Having your routine out of order can disrupt the hormones in your body, and make you eat more, and eat more unhealthy foods. Staying up late can also make you compulsively binge on snacks or sweets, which can be problematic in the long run. 

There are always going to be festivals, holidays, and other reasons to compromise on your health. But if you make the decision to effectively manage the condition, you can stick to your plans despite the many challenges that you may come up against. 

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