Gestational Diabetes Management: An Essential Guide For Pregnant Mothers


How pregnant mothers can now maximize the management of their gestational diabetes with tech-driven solutions 

Changing lifestyles have had a major impact on pregnancy due to gestational diabetes. A time that is usually considered joyous also becomes one that requires a lot of medical attention. According to the International Diabetes Federation, 1 in 6 births across the world is affected by gestational diabetes. This means that about 4 million women in India are affected by this condition, at any given time point.

The raised glucose levels that come with gestational diabetes can have a long term effect on the health of both the mother and the child. But despite the high number of gestational diabetes in India, there is not enough information or awareness in the nation about it as a public health concern. 

But sporadic testing is not enough to get this concern under control. A well-implemented gestational diabetes management program is the need of the hour. It can go a long way in addressing and improving the state of this concern. On a national level, studies are being conducted to understand and promote the use of glucometers over laboratory testing for the detection of GDM and reducing the associated short and long term complications. 

gestational diabetes

The effect of gestational diabetes on mother and child:

Gestational diabetes is a condition where the hormonal changes during pregnancy cause the expecting mother to have high levels of glucose in her body. A large number of pregnancy-related complications that arise these days are caused by gestational diabetes. It can have both long term and short term effects on both the mother and the child. 

Gestational diabetes can cause the baby to have excessive birth weight, which could lead to problems during childbirth. It can also cause preterm birth owing to the high blood sugar in the mothers. Babies that end up being born too early can end up experiencing respiratory distress syndrome. Gestational diabetes could even lead the child to have severe episodes of low blood sugar shortly after birth. In the long term, the child may experience a higher chance of being obese and having a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Mothers who experience gestational diabetes could experience high blood pressure and preeclampsia during delivery, which can be life-threatening to both the mother and the baby. Mothers with gestational diabetes need to have surgical delivery most of the time, owing to the associated complications. The mothers who had gestational diabetes end up having it for subsequent pregnancies and to have type 2 diabetes later in life. 

This prevalent condition requires much more than a short term lifestyle change. Rather, it requires continuous care that can help get it under control. 

gestational diabetes

How continuous care can improve the outcomes of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition that warrants attention beyond monthly doctor appointments or routine tests. It requires the mother and her healthcare program to pay attention to her well being daily. Monitoring her vitals, her eating habits, activity levels, compliance with any recommended treatment plan, all have a major impact on her pregnancy and overall well being. 

Using digital health technologies can go a long way in simplifying this process. With this in mind, Phable and Roche are aligning their technologies to positively impact gestational diabetes management in India. 

Accu-chek by Roche is one of the most trusted glucometers. This device can be used to record a pregnant mother’s blood sugar levels. Uploading this information to Phable makes it instantly available to her doctor. Consistent tracking can help the doctor to stay informed and for the mother to be assured of her wellbeing. 

In case of any concerns or questions, the mother can use Phable’s remote consultation service – Livecast to get in touch with her doctor. This can improve her condition and help control her disease management. 

This solution by Phable and Roche can ensure that mothers facing gestational diabetes get the continuous care they deserve to have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. The data points acquired by the Accu-chek devices can help the doctors to monitor the health of their patients to prevent, and protect them from the grave consequences of gestational diabetes.

Large scale adoption of this solution, can in turn positively impact gestational diabetes in the nation. It can help ease the minds of pregnant mothers and their families. They can instead focus on preparing for healthy and happy childbirth. 

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