Social Distancing 101: 5 Ways To Boost Your Physical And Mental Health


People across India are currently experiencing something they did not expect to see in their lifetime – a national lockdown, due to a rapidly transmitting virus. At a time when millions of people across the globe are confined to their homes, mental health concerns like feelings of isolation and anxiety are running high. It is in these difficult times we must continuously strive to develop and stick to a routine, keep ourselves calm, eat healthy, and appreciate getting the chance to spend quality time with our family. 

Think of those days when you were always in a hurry, on the go coffee, grab a bite for lunch and dinner while taking a call in front of your laptop. “I don’t have time for anything in my life” was like an anthem that most of us sang. So now is the time to count your blessings and be happy with your family and enrich yourselves with skills that you always wanted to learn. 

how to maintain you mental health during this lockdown

1. Be Physically Active

Following a schedule, especially for you physical activities are a great way to keep your mental health in check. So, try to maintain a schedule for doing yoga, meditation and exercise or any physical activity at home that you like doing.  If you have a steady internet connection, you can have your pick of exercise routines at your disposal. 

You can also follow a simple series of stretching exercises and Surya Namaskars if you prefer something low impact.

2. Eat Healthy

Try to eat healthy meals and snack on fruits and salads which will help in boosting your immunity. Now is not the time to put on extra kilos by eating junk and drinking carbonated beverages. 

Make sure you brush at least twice a day because having dental problems during this lockdown would be extremely difficult to deal with.

Wash your groceries meticulously and disinfect packaged products. If possible, you can leave nonperishable items outside in the sun in your balcony for a few days before using them.

3. Upskill Yourself

This mandatory lockdown is the best time to upskill yourself and keep your mind engaged with industry-relevant courses to enhance your skillset through e-learning. Whether you choose to go for courses that get you ahead in your career or choose an instrument that you have always wanted to, it can keep your mind occupied, improve your mental health and help you in your personal growth.

4. Spend Quality Family Time

Doing activities together as a family can be so much fun like baking an exotic cake and trying out new recipes. It’s also a great stress buster. It would be a great idea to play some board games or read some stories to your kids because they are not used to this kind of lockdown and missing their friends, teachers, school activities and outdoor playtime.

Amidst the darkness spread by the Corona pandemic, we must continuously progress towards light and hope as encouraged by our Honourable PM Modi.

How to maintain you physical and mental Health

5. Be Alert. Be Safe.

Together we are strong. That’s why every individual should do their part by washing hands with soap, practising social distancing and follow the advisory by the government to stop this pandemic from spreading. 

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In the end, we urge you to follow the 21-day lockdown in letter and spirit while taking good care of your physical and mental health so that we can come out of this crisis happier, healthier and stronger.


Reviewed by Dr. Shalini Joshi

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