For the purposes of the following terms and conditions (“Specific Terms”), the service provided to You is the facilitation of laboratory tests/diagnostic services offered for sale by third-party laboratories/diagnostic centers (“Diagnostic Services”). Phable only operates and facilitates the sale of diagnostic services through the Platform

  1. Nature And Applicability Of Terms
    Please go through these Specific Terms carefully before you decide to avail the Diagnostic Service facilitated by Phable on its Platform. The Specific Terms set out herein are in addition to the Standard Terms and together they constitute a legal agreement between You and Phable. The Standard Terms and the Specific Terms are to be read in connection with Your visit to the Platform and Your use of the Diagnostic Services respectively. These Specific Terms apply to any person who avails Diagnostic Services on the Platform. You are required to be registered on the Platform to use the Diagnostic Services provided on the Platform. As a part of availing the Diagnostic Service, You may choose different packages available pursuant to the Diagnostic Service(s) which best suits Your needs as per the plan details set out in Phable Platform. The User specific details will be visible to You on Your purchased service page hosted on Phable Platform. By availing the Diagnostic Services, you signify your acceptance of the terms of the Standard Terms and these Specific Terms. If you do not agree with any part of these Specific Terms and/or the Standard Terms, please do not use the Platform or avail the Diagnostic Service. Your access and use of the Diagnostic Services will be solely at the discretion of Phable.
  2. Other Terms
    The diagnostic services are offered to You through various modes which shall include the issue of discount coupons and vouchers that can be redeemed for various goods/services offered for sale by relevant third party service providers. The reports for the Diagnostic Services provided on the platform may take upto 48 hours to be delivered/ provided to the User. The reports may take more than 48 hours in exceptional circumstances. Phable will keep You informed in such in the event of any delay.
  3. Payment 
    You will pay to Phable at the time of booking the Diagnostic Services, at the rates set out in the product/service page on the Platform. At the time of visiting the third party labs for availing the tests, You are not required to pay any amount as long as You have completed the payment on the Platform. In the event You don't pay on the Platform, You shall pay at the third party labs from whom You are availing the test/s.
  4. Phable Cash Capping
    Online Customers: 
    The User shall only be allowed to use Only 10% of the Phable Cash can be used at the time purchase of lab tests, subject to a maximum redemption of INR 75 Phable Cash per order.
    Offline Customers: 
    The User shall only be allowed to use 5% of the Phable Cash at the time purchase of lab tests, subject to a maximum redemption of INR 50 Phable Cash per order.
  5. Cancellation and Refund
    You may have an option to cancel the Diagnostic Services available on the Platform 24 before the sample collection slot.. You will contact Phable on the customer support chat channel regarding canceling Diagnostic services booked on the Platform. Further, Phable may, subject to the agreement executed with the third party labs and diagnostic center’s refund the amount paid by You towards availing Diagnostic Services..