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Is Giloy Good for High Blood Pressur

Giloy! Sounds exotic, doesn't it? Giloy is considered an essential part of Ayurvedic and folk medicine. Find out if this all-rounder is good for high blood pressure treatment as well.

Is Banana Good for Lowering Blood Pressure

You may wonder how bananas and blood pressure are connected! Read this article to know more about it.

Causes of Sudden High Blood Pressure 100% 12

What causes a sudden increase in blood pressure? It could be anything from stress to smoking to too much sodium intake. Read about 9 causes why your blood pressure increases suddenly!

Difference Between Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure 100% 12

Are pulse rate and blood pressure the same? Are they interrelated? Learn about the meaning of the terms, differences, relationship, causes, control, and more!

Is Coconut Water Good for High BP

Can you drink coconut water for high blood pressure? If consumed fresh and in its pure form, coconut water can help lower your blood pressure. Read how!

Is Dalia Good for Weight Loss

Dalia has been a staple item in Indian households for decades or even centuries. However, is it really effective in weight loss? Read on to know how and why!

Many health experts and fitness gurus have hailed green tea as a boon for weight loss and other health conditions. But are these claims rooted in any scientific evidence? Let’s find out!

Papaya for Weight Loss

Can this tropical fruit help in weight loss? Yes! Learn how papaya can contribute to weight loss and the best way to eat it.

Is Cheese Good for Weight Loss

Yes, it is true! You do not have to quit cheese if you are on a weight loss diet. Just eat the right kind of cheese. Find out which cheese helps you lose weight.

Is Corn Good for Weight Loss

When it comes to corn and weight loss, you will hear different takes from different people. But what is true and what is not? Get all your answers here!

s Mango Good for Weight Loss

Yes! You can keep your weight in check while indulging in mangoes. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss

Can this so-called ‘fattening’ food help you lose weight? Absolutely! Most dieters stay away from peanuts due to their high calorie content. But peanuts can help you lose weight when eaten the right way. Find out how!

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