A No-Stress Solution: This Incredible Technique Can Help Manage Your Hypertension Better


We spoke to industry leaders and expert doctors in hypertension care, and here’s the approach they trust and recommend.

If you live in India, chances are that you know and love someone who has issues with their blood pressure. In fact, in 2016, 1.63 million Indians died because of high blood pressure or hypertension. But even though the numbers are this high, there is still a lack of awareness about managing it. 

Take yourself for example. How well do you know about the impact of high blood pressure or hypertension can have on your body? 

Do you know the best strategies to manage this condition, in case it befalls you or a loved one? 

How hypertension can affect your body?

If you consider the human body as a machine, blood is the fuel that keeps it running. If there is high blood pressure, the pipes could burst. If the pressure is too less, it could make the machine breakdown. In a similar manner, problems with blood pressure can cause your body to shut down – this may be through stroke, kidney failure, and heart failure, among many other conditions. 

According to leading healthcare experts, 120/80 is the average blood pressure and anything above this requires medical attention.  Following unhealthy lifestyle practices often lead to hypertension. Obesity, smoking and drinking, irregular sleep cycle, lack of physical exercise, old age, genetics, pregnancy, thyroid problems and stress can be considered the primary causes. 

In women, there is a prevalence of hypertension owing to the stress of changing hormones that their body goes through during pregnancy or menopause. Even some birth control pills could cause hypertension in them.

No matter what the cause of the condition, adopting some key strategies earlier in life can prevent the condition or at least make its management easier.


The importance of consistency in managing hypertension

While there is no known treatment for high blood pressure, they can be managed through certain medications and dietary or lifestyle changes. But neither one of these can truly help a patient if they are sporadic with their care. 

A hypertension patient needs to be continuously in touch with their doctors, they need to stay consistent with their medication and lifestyle changes. Most of all, they need to monitor their vitals regularly. 

Keeping this key aspect of hypertension management in mind, Phable and Omron are coming together. Through this partnership, we seek to educate people with the information that they need to know from industry leaders and expert doctors. With almost nine decades of experience to their name, Omron has been fighting the long and good fight against hypertension, among many other lifestyle concerns. 

At Phable, managing hypertension is one of our primary focuses, owing simply to the sheer number of people affected by it in the nation. Over a billion hypertension patients need to know the best way to monitor their BP and to manage their condition. 

They need a platform that makes it possible to stay continuously in touch with their doctor, and facilitates the recording and sharing of health data. They need to turn to their healthcare providers for both information and treatment. 

The co-founder of Phable, Sumit Sinha commented, 

“This strategic partnership involves a lot of groundwork and research from both of us. For Phable, this furthers our vision to drive better healthcare outcomes for patients and lower the cost of care. It also helps fast track our aim to impact the health of 1.3 billion people in the next five years.” 

The technology behind Omron and Phable work together seamlessly to manage hypertension better. While Omron’s devices help capture the data, Phable provides a platform where this can be stored and analysed for giving timely medical attention.

Phable also goes a step forward to give its users immediate access to their necessary medicines, creating a one-app ecosystem that patients can use and trust.

Omron devices make it possible to capture multiple data points that can indicate your wellbeing. This information can indicate exactly how a patient is faring. Even when a small concern arises, the patient can turn to Phable’s remote consultation service – Livecast. Rather than sitting on a potentially dangerous condition, they can get the immediate attention they may need. 

This tech-driven solution makes it possible to address the growing number of hypertension patients in the nation and to utilize data to provide preventive care.

After all, what is the use of acquiring health data, if it cannot help provide timely medical help? 


Join Omron and Phable at the launch of their partnership. The session will include a panel discussion on ‘Hypertension and the role of monitoring for better outcomes’ with renowned Dr. Somalaram Venkatesh, (MBBS, MD – Medicine, DM – Cardiology) and Dr. Harinder K Bali, (MBBS, MD – Medicine, DM – Cardiology).

The session will be moderated by Dr. Suhas Patil of Phable. Register today to participate in this session at https://bit.ly/2Z1HM5O

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