How Spinach Manages Diabetes Better Than Other Foods?

Spinach prevents cancer, good for bone, vision and keeps you relaxed. But, can a person with diabetes eat spinach everyday? How much spinach can a diabetic eat?

Spinach is great for diabetes even if consumed in large quantities. Thanks to its rich source of fiber and protein content that prevents blood sugar spikes. Spinach is good for diabetes! But what makes Spinach for diabetes a must-have is what this article will give you insight on.


Spinach: Nutritional Profile

Spinach is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and it is low in calories. It contains dietary potassium and magnesium – two of the essential electrolytes that maintain your health. Potassium protects the body against the loss of muscle mass, maintains the bone mineral density, and helps the body in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Advantages of Spinach for Diabetes

  • Rich Source of Fibre:

Spinach contains soluble fibre which does not increase blood sugar levels. Rather, it reduces blood glucose levels. A cup full of spinach soup provides four to five grams of fibre.

  • Non-Starchy Veggie:

Spinach does not have starch hence it doesn’t hamper the blood sugar levels.

  • Low on Carbohydrates: 

Spinach is low on carbohydrates which makes it an ideal food item for all the people who have to watch their blood sugar levels.

  • Low-Glycemic Index Food:

Lower levels of GI (Glycemic Index) in spinach do not cause any modifications in the blood sugar levels.

All in all, spinach keeps the blood sugar levels intact while providing all the other nutrients necessary for the body.

Ways to Consume Spinach for Diabetes

Spinach can be consumed in many ways, even the traditional “boiled spinach” recipe works best for diabetes. Spinach can be consumed in the form of salads too, without taking the risk of adding any fats to your food bowl.

Spinach soup or juice is another ideal way to consume spinach, without the risk of increasing the glucose in your body. Eating raw spinach helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. Hence it is best to consume it as raw as possible.

Best Time to Consume Spinach

Spinach is called a powerhouse vegetable, as it contains many nutrients. It also includes tryptophan – which promotes sleep. Many experts believe that it is best to consume spinach at night, as the tryptophan in spinach strengthens sleep.

Risks of overconsumption oF Spinach for Diabetics

  • Trouble in Metabolism: 

Too much spinach may cause indigestion, bloating and cramps in your body. The high levels of nutrients and fibre in spinach require extra time to digest and in turn create hurdles in metabolism.

  • Too Many Minerals to Absorb: 

Spinach has oxalic acid and purines in it. Too much of it obstructs your body’s capacity to absorb minerals.

Don’t Have Time To Read?

  • Spinach is a low-calorie nutritious food item, containing dietary potassium and magnesium – two of the essential electrolytes that maintain your health.
  • Spinach is good for diabetes because it has low carbohydrate content and GI level. It is a non-starchy vegetable, rich in fibres. 
  • It is best to consume raw spinach. You can also make it a part of your salads and soups or drink spinach juice.
  • The best time to consume spinach is at night because it has tryptophan which aids sleep.
  • You should have spinach within limits to avoid health issues.
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Friendly Asked Questions

Is Spinach Juice Good for Diabetes?

Spinach is considered a superfood for diabetic people, as it has every essential nutrient in the right quantity and nothing that affects blood sugar levels. Like any other plain spinach recipe, spinach juice is bound to be useful for diabetic people.

Can Spinach Lower Blood Sugar?

Spinach can lower blood sugar. You must eat raw spinach and you must eat it for dinner for it to work better on your sugar levels. 

Is Spinach High in Sugar?

As mentioned earlier, spinach has almost zero amount of sugar. 

Which Green Leaves are Good for Diabetes?

Diabetics should avoid fruits with a GI between 70–100, as that means they are high in sugar. Fruits like pineapple, overly ripe bananas, and dates can increase blood sugar and should beGreen leafy vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, kale, cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, etc. are good for people with high blood sugar. These vegetables are high in antioxidants and help in maintaining blood sugar levels. consumed in moderation.

Which Vegetables are Good for Diabetes?

All the vegetables which have low GI (glycemic index) are good for diabetes. Besides spinach, asparagus, eggplant, snow peas, lettuce, cauliflower, etc. have low-GI.

Which Vegetables Should be Avoided in Diabetes?

You must refrain from eating any canned vegetables, veggies that are cooked with a lot of butter or cheese, pickles, etc. if you have diabetes.